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In Canada, Broadband Internet is a Basic Service

In Canada, Broadband Internet is a Basic Service

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) wants the citizens of Canada to have access to fast Internet (50 Mbps) and unlimited data plans. Here’s a statement from the CEO of CRTC:

Access to broadband Internet service is vital and a basic telecommunication service all Canadians are entitled to receive. We are doing our part to bring broadband services to rural and remote communities.

High quality and reliable digital connectivity is essential for the quality of life of Canadians and Canada’s economic prosperity.

-Jean-Pierre Blais

The new policy would seek a minimum upload speed of 10Mbps and the installation of mobile wireless technology on highways. There’s a fund of $750 million from private and public funding to create broadband Internet service for the country.

Source: PC Magazine

Here’s more info on broadband Internet from Wikipedia:

In telecommunications, broadband is a wide bandwidth data transmission with an ability to simultaneously transport multiple signals and traffic types. The medium can be coaxial cable, optical fiber, radio or twisted pair.

In the context of Internet access, broadband is used to mean any high-speed Internet access that is always on and faster than traditional dial-up access.

In Canada, Broadband Internet is a Basic Service
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