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Samsung Galaxy S8 News

Samsung Galaxy S8 News

ZDNET has details on the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The S8 smartphone has a curved screen and a voice assistant called Bixby. It also has a standard microphone jack. The battery has a capacity of 3,000mAh or 3,500mAh (S8 and S8+). The home button is placed on the back of the phone.

TechRadar reveals more details. The S8 will be available April 21. Samsung may reveal it on March 29. It will cost $850.

The Verge has more info on Bixbi. Samsung purchased Viv Labs, which was founded by the inventors of Siri. Bixbi may be a replacement for S Voice, which was introduced in 2012. The Wall Street Journal states the following:

Bixby will rely on an upgraded version of Samsung’s homegrown virtual assistant service, dubbed S Voice, rather than on Viv Labs technology.

Wikipedia offers more details on S-Voice:

Some of the capabilities of S Voice include making appointments, opening apps, setting alarms, updating social network websites such as Facebook or Twitter and navigation. S Voice also offers multitasking as well as automatic activation features, for example, when the car engine is started.

Despite the features in S-Voice, it has limited functionality and slow reaction times, according to The Verge. Viv is much more impressive. It can handle requests with several clauses and connect with several third-party services.

Samsung Galaxy S8 News
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