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A Rocket Took Off and a Drone Nearly Crashed Into a Helicopter

A Rocket Took Off and a Drone Nearly Crashed Into a Helicopter

An Atlas V rocket launched earlier today from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. It carried supplies to the International Space Station. An OA-4 Cygnus resupply spacecraft was used to deliver the supplies. Poor weather delayed the launch for several days. It was the 60th launch of an Atlas V rocket, but it was the first time this type of rocket was used to launch a cargo ship to the space station, according to Bay News 9. About 7,000 pounds of supplies were delivered successfully.

This was the first space rocket launch after the failed launch of an Antares craft by Orbital Sciences. This spacecraft exploded on launch last year. Today’s launch was also the first cargo mission to the space station from American soil since the SpaceX Falcon 9 failure. This privately funded spacecraft was lost in June. NASA Space Flight reported in July that the failure was due to a break in the support strut in the Second Stage LOX tank. This released a helium pressurization bottle that caused a cascade of events ending with the lose of the vehicle. Elon Musk is the CEO and Chief Designer of SpaceX. He is also one of the founders of Telsa Motors, the electric car company.

In California, a drone nearly crashed into a helicopter. The near miss occurred in Martinez near Highway 4. The helicopter was 700 to 800 feet above the ground, and it was searching for a stolen vehicle. According to CBS San Francisco, the highway patrol helicopter shined a spotlight on the drone and followed it until it landed in Roux Court. Police on the ground were contacted and the drone operator was identified by police.

Drones might be getting a bad reputation this holiday season, but that isn’t stopping shoppers from buying them. According to WATE, drones are a popular item this Christmas. Most of these drones are lightweight, fun to fly, and take great pictures. Plus, they aren’t that expensive.

Drones are also popular in video games. The latest Rainbow Six lets players use drones to scout enemies and find hostages. The Call of Duty franchise also featured the use of drones.

A Rocket Took Off and a Drone Nearly Crashed Into a Helicopter
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