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BikeTag Ensures Your Loved Ones’ Peace Of Mind While You’re Out Cycling

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BikeTag Ensures Your Loved Ones’ Peace Of Mind While You’re Out Cycling

Startup Tagit Labs’ co-founder John Anthony is a competitive cyclist and consequently he’s aware of all the dangers that come bundled with sports like it. This is exactly why the his company, which focuses on mainly on hardware, has developed a novel tracking device that ensures your safety when you’re out riding with your mates.

Called BikeTag, the device has a retail price of $100 with shipping for orders starting from September. What quality does it have that differentiates it from the umpteen other trackers and fitness devices battling with each other to grab your attention (and wallet), you ask? As it turns out, there’s a lot.

The gadget is built to detect when you start a ride, when you end it and reports all detected events, including crashes, to a user-defined group of ‘followers’ using the rider’s smartphone. Designed to be as efficient as possible and save the user the hassle of charging one more device before every ride, BikeTag has a battery life of around an year, Tagit Lab claims.

BikeTag isn’t really intended to be a replacement for any sort of tracking device on the market; rather, it is designed to co-exist with other devices and services. It can upload your workout details to activity tracking service Strava, for example. The main idea behind BikeTag was to create a device that doesn’t require regular user interaction to function. This is exactly why BikeTag is equipped with an array of sensors as well as iBeacon technology using which it can automatically decide based on the proximity of the user and the motion of the cycle when to switch on and start monitoring and when to switch off.

To reduce battery drain, BikeTag’s features get activated on an as-needed basis apart from a select few that remain switched on throughout your journey. It utilizes your smartphone’s GPS for the same reason. It comes with a companion app using which you can tweak important settings like your list of ‘followers’, the ones who get event reports from your BikeTag, for example.

The company disclosed that BikeTag is going through the final stages of beta-testing and modifications based on user feedback are being made. The premium side of things is still being worked on. A companion app for Android is on its way while one for iOS is already present.



BikeTag Ensures Your Loved Ones’ Peace Of Mind While You’re Out Cycling

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