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BounceX Is Here To Tame The Monster That We Call Advertising

BounceX Is Here To Tame The Monster That We Call Advertising

Advertising is at its most effective when it’s subtle. Aggressive advertising isn’t the way to go for most companies as they only repel visitors and potential instead of attracting them—exactly the opposite of what they’re designed to do.

Still, clients have deadlines snapping at their toes and goals to reach, which means aggressive advertising is the route that’s most commonly chosen—even if things could’ve gone entirely smooth without being aggressive.

BounceX takes advertising to the next level by making sure you don’t miss out on a single visitor via its behavior detection algorithms. The company has pioneered a detection mechanisms that triggers a switch whenever it detects from a user’s actions that they are about to leave the site.

The level of advertising that is aimed at that particular user gets tweaked in real-time, in response to their actions while present on the website. Right now, the traditional method of online advertising is to serve everyone the same content, regardless of their habits or interests. Google does utilize large-scale data analytics to sell you ads that you’re bound to be at least partially interested in.

Every company’s not Google though, and neither do they have the amount of data Google has on you, nor the resources to process it the way it does.

How does BounceX do it, then? Behavioral patterns. It analyses the users actions and compares them with the list of activities that users are known to perform when they’re about to ‘bounce’—leave the site and never to return again.

In addition it also gather data about the user in general, in order to help them target advertising at them about subjects they actually show an interest in. Someone whose entire gaming experience is limited  to playing Farmville a couple of times a month isn’t exactly what I would call an ideal candidate to push an EDGE magazine subscription to. This is where BounceX comes in to your aid.

BounceX has seen exponential growth over the past couple of years and is reporting millions of dollars in annual revenue. It could be one of the advertising industries major players if it keeps going on like this, that’s for sure!

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BounceX Is Here To Tame The Monster That We Call Advertising

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