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Buy Used Handbags From Elite Brands With Rebagg

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Buy Used Handbags From Elite Brands With Rebagg

There is no shortage of online marketplaces and garments and accessories are the second most popular items sold online after electronics. One wonders why Rebagg’s founders invested so much time, money and energy towards the development of that platform. The reason is quite simple, actually. Although the number of online marketplaces is high, it’s really hard to find second-hand handbags from the crème de la crème of the industry online, even if such brick and mortar shops do exist.

Rebagg’s system is such that you don’t even need to move from your seat to put an item for sale on its platform. You request a Rebagg pickup. Rebagg sends a team to collect the handbag. The team then evaluates the condition of the product, making sure it’s an original. If everything goes according to plan, Rebagg then makes you an offer for the item in question.

The company offers free pickups if you’re in New York or Los Angeles and free shipping if you’re anywhere in the US. Individual re-sellers are not the only ones Rebagg sources its articles from. It has a network spanning over 1200 resellers in the United States.

Rebagg founder Charles Gorra is a Harvard MBA graduate who has worked for Goldman Sachs and General Catalysts in the past. It’s worth noting that General Catalysts is one of the main investors in Rebagg. In an interview with TechCrunch, General Catalyst partner Adam Valkin said that they’re not really concerned about competition. He was confident that the platform’s simplicity means that it will eventually triumph over all competition.

General Catalysts only participates in 6 seed rounds every year and yet there was something about Rebagg and Gorra that Valkin decided to practically bet on the startup. Gorra himself came up with the idea when he was working at a designer dress rental called Rent the Runway. He realized the immense potential a platform like Rebagg had and the gaping hole in the industry that it could fill. He never looked back.

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Buy Used Handbags From Elite Brands With Rebagg

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