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Can BlockFeed Fill The Print-Web Journalism Gap?

Can BlockFeed Fill The Print-Web Journalism Gap?

Traditional forms of news distribution has been on a downhill slide for a while now and it’s not surprising at all considering the wide reach of social media and before it, simple websites and the television. One doesn’t need a newspapers to air one’s views. Social networks take care of that. Print media is now on its deathbed.

Blockfeed is a startup that’s going to revolutionize the way we receive and read our news. Just about everyone has a smartphone these days, if you talk about the US. And almost all smartphones are equipped with GPS technology. Blockfeed intends to utilize this positioning system and serve users news related to their immediate surroundings. The company says it’s going for block-level precision, with each block getting its own bundle of news about it.

Of course Blockfeed only collects news, it doesn’t write them itself. All the actual articles and news posts are on 3rd party websites which Blockfeed then links to. Currently active only in New York, the company is planning to stick to the East Coast for the foreseeable future as far as expansion is concerned.

Local journalism is sure to receive a boost as the Blockfeed user-base gradually expands as Blockfeed’s model gives small-scale blogs and mainstream newspaper companies balanced weightage. Taking into account both virality and proximity, Blockfeed ensures that independent bloggers and newspapers both are playing on a balanced field.

The local journalism scene won’t be the only beneficiary of the way Blockfeed operates and gather data though. If it continues to grow at the rate it’s growing at now, there’ll come a time you’ll be have the details of all the factories that were set up in a specific area to help you decide if it’s worth setting up your factory there or not. All major incidents will of course be recorded, and with some basic to intermediate analytics, success rates and average lifespans of factories setup in that area in the past will be at your fingertips, all thanks to Blockfeed.

The app is quite obviously a remarkably extraordinary system based on a simple concept. Will it fulfill its potential or will it falter? Let us know your opinion on Blockfeed by commenting below

Can BlockFeed Fill The Print-Web Journalism Gap?

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