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Desktop Users Can Now Search Through Instagram’s Extensive Library

Desktop Users Can Now Search Through Instagram’s Extensive Library

Instagram updated its desktop version with a new search bar. Now you can find pictures and videos on a PC or laptop, instead of your mobile device. This is useful for desktop publishers and writers, who can now take their time finding user-generated images and videos in a more comfortable way, rather than being restricted to their tiny smartphones. Search Instagram by location, username, real name, and hashtags. View the best posts in each category.

Source: PC Magazine

The more public Instagram exposes your images to the world. The default setting already makes your profile and posts on Instagram visible to anyone that wants to see them. It would be a good idea to set your photos and videos to private, if you don’t want anyone other than your approved followers to see what you post. To do this, open the profile icon and find the Private Account setting or the Posts are Private setting and turn it on. For detailed instructions, visit Instagram.

The new search feature propels Instagram into another league, where their users’ information is available to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Like Twitter, the content available on Instagram provides a snapshot of the events occurring in the world. Right now, it appears that searches can be narrowed down by location and hashtags describing current events, which is close to real time data. Twitter’s search engine displays posts in a chronological fashion.

User-generated content is appealing for several reasons. Not only is it interesting, it is unique and insightful. Hundreds and hundreds of categories can be created from the images posted on Instagram. And now they are easily searchable on desktop computers. More and more news organizations use these types of posts as source material for their stories. Plus, user-generated content is entertaining.

Instagram became more searchable on mobile devices about a month ago, when the iOS and Android versions of the Instagram app were updated with a new Explore section and the search options mentioned in the opening paragraph. The Explore section features a list of trending topics and tags. There’s a curated collection of images that is updated frequently by Instagram.

Desktop Users Can Now Search Through Instagram’s Extensive Library
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