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Drones Build A Rope Bridge

Drones Build A Rope Bridge

If you need a bridge made of rope, use a couple of flying quadcopters to build it. The video below is impressive. These flying drones are able to loop rope around two frames at both ends of a room and then construct the footing and side rails of the bridge. The rope bridge is strong enough to hold a person as he or she walks across it. In fact, the bridge can hold as much as 1,300 kg, according to Tech Crunch.

These robots are so agile that they avoid crashing into the frame and each other. The ropes don’t get tangled and the construction process is seamless. Two drones worked separately at the start of the project and then worked in tandem to finish building the bridge. Up to four drones were used to build the bridge.

The room in which the quadcopters built the bridge is equipped with a motion capture system that tracks the drones position. The data is processed and algorithms are used to direct the flight of the drones via a wireless network.

This is just the latest task robots can perform. Popular Mechanics has a list of 61 things robots can now do thanks to advances in technology. Swimming is one of those things. There is an octopus-shaped robot that propels itself through the water with webbed arms. The movements of the arms are similar to the motion of an octopus. Robots can mimic the behavior of several types of insects as well. The water doesn’t limit automation. Just like unmanned aerial vehicles, there are unmanned naval vehicles. Several unmanned naval vessels can traverse the waters and work together against an enemy ship. A band of robots can play music, and an impressive zipper bot can zip a jacket zipper.

Several robots are able to walk and run. Laboratory models on treadmills can reach speeds of up to 28.5 mph, which is as fast as the robotic cheetah, which looks like it is running backwards.

The ASIMO robot can hop in place, hop on one foot, walk backwards, and run. It can also push carts, pour drinks into a cup, walk up stairs, and kick a ball.

Drones Build A Rope Bridge
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