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Food Delivery Startup Deliveroo Gaining Momentum—And Money!

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Food Delivery Startup Deliveroo Gaining Momentum—And Money!

How many times have you craved this amazing dish you had at an elite dine-in/takeaway-only restaurant on the opposite side of the city but felt too lazy to go all the way across town for it? Yeah that’s right, you’re not alone in this, we’ve suffered a lot this way too. Deliveroo is a food-delivery startup that was founded to make the lives of people like us easier.

The company delivers food from posh restaurants which haven’t ever stepped into the home-delivery bandwagon to satiate our lazy asses. Launched in 2012, Deliveroo was initially based in the UK though it has expanded to major cities in neighboring countries, such as Paris and Berlin. Funding has been ample for the delivery service, having recently secured $70million in Series C funding that it plans to use on further international expansion.

Restaurants have to sign up in order for Deliveroo to start delivering food from them. They get the added incentive of having a locally recruited team of drivers and cyclists at their disposal.

Marketing has been passively neglected by the company, to be exact, with most of it consisting of ads on motorcycles and distribution of pamphlets—essentially word of mouth. Founder William Shu says that’s something they’re fully aware of and that a major chunk of the secured funding will be invested in that area to compensate.

Deliveroo’s whole game is about logistics; getting couriers to restaurants in time—not late and not too early, lest they start crowding the reception area—and things like this needs a proper platform to succeed. Technology will inevitably be heavily involved. Wherever technology is involved, premium expertise is a must to be successful. The delivery company is currently working on a logistics system that will achieve their objective of maintaining impeccable timing. That will require some serious spending as well.

Shu is unwilling to talk about direct competition, instead only discussing other startups that deal in logistics but not in food delivery. Why, we’re not sure, but we are sure about this: Deliveroo was founded with an awesome concept behind it and we really want to see that concept blossom to its full glory. What do you tihnk about Deliveroo? Leave us your opinion by commenting below!

Food Delivery Startup Deliveroo Gaining Momentum—And Money!

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