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GeoFluent App Connects Businesses with Foreign Customers

GeoFluent App Connects Businesses with Foreign Customers

Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. released a new app for businesses. It’s called GeoFluent. It offers real-time translation solutions for Salesforce Service Cloud and Live Agents. They can communicate with customers that speak a different language. This eliminates the need to hire bilingual employees. GeoFluent translates over 100 languages. The app is available on AppExchange.

Benefits of GeoFluent

Over the next three years, call centers expect to receive more calls in foreign languages. The GeoFluent app would allow customer service reps to handle these calls. GeoFluent is a plug-in for Live Agent. It doesn’t require any IT support to enable the features.

Here’s a statement from the Vice President and General Manager at Lionbridge:

Customers expect service that is virtually effortless, personalized and fast. GeoFluent helps contact centers deliver on these expectations with the highest levels of second-generation real-time translation quality.

Lionbridge has built the integration to Live Agent based on customer demand, and we look forward to helping our customers grow their businesses and increase efficiencies by expanding the global reach of their chat services.

-Tom Tseki

Source: PRNewswire

Here’s more info about AppExchange from Wikipedia:

Launched in 2005, the Salesforce AppExchange is an online application marketplace for third-party applications that run on the platform. Applications are available for free, as well as yearly or monthly subscription models. Applications available range from integrations with Sharepoint to mobile approval management. As of February 2015, it features 2,658 applications which have driven a total of over 2.8 million installs.

GeoFluent App Connects Businesses with Foreign Customers
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