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Get A Good Look At Your Insides With 3D Imaging Service Klarismo

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Get A Good Look At Your Insides With 3D Imaging Service Klarismo

Have you ever thought about what your body looks like from the inside? I’m not talking about the human body in general, I’m talking about YOUR body.

Imagine a technology that could enable professional body builders monitor their muscle development and overall progress on a weekly basis, complete with 3D models and images and everything. Then the same technology being used to monitor normal people for malignant tumor growth so that the cancerous cells can be weeded out as soon as they appear instead of not being diagnosed until the patient is in all kinds of trouble with Stage 3 cancer. All this without requiring anything apart from the regular MRI, X-Ray and CT scanning tests that are performed on a daily basis in almost all hospitals.

Klarismo, a startup founded last year, has started offering this whole thing as a service. Another company being backed by Y Combinator, Klarismo collects your MRI scans and creates a 3D model of your internals from them. Given scans from different dates, its revolutionary engine can create and compare 3D models for all of them and show you minute changes such as the change in size of specific muscles over time.

While the concept is undeniably extra-ordinary, there are still a few issues that are being ironed out. Firstly Klarismo isn’t really in charge of the data it receives. It partners with institutions to receive the scans and current number of partners is relatively low. The only way to increase those numbers are to gain a foothold in the market. And to gain a strong foothold in the market, Klarismo needs customers, loads of them.

Insurance and medical companies are set to benefit hugely from a service like Klarismo, though it remains to be seen whether mainstream companies would be willing to own rather than just utilize such services. Models and data gathered from them would be stored over time to create a huge homogeneous set of data that could very well be used for comparisons and research purposes. The number of companies to whom the data would be infinitely valuable is endless.

Right now, Klarismo should focus all of its energies towards expansion and growth and that it is doing. We, for one, deifnitely hope to see more of the company and the striking concept in the future.

Get A Good Look At Your Insides With 3D Imaging Service Klarismo

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