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Your Next Flight Might Feature Better WiFi

Your Next Flight Might Feature Better WiFi

A wireless Internet service provider named Gogo is using satellites to improve in-flight Internet access. Gogo made its debut on an Aeromexico air plane after it received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. Gogo is fast and can deliver multiple streaming videos at the same time, according to Digital Trends.

Some of the streaming services available through Gogo include Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify. The wireless connection relies on 180 Ku-band satellites, which deliver a maximum download speed of 70 Mbps. The planes that adopt Gogo satellite Internet will need to be outfitted with a download antenna and an upload antenna. This will make the service fully self-sufficient, without the need for ground equipment. Plus, this type of Internet connection will work over water.

Several airlines are expecting the recent social media and social networking trends to transfer over to Internet usage while traveling by air. There is an expanding global social travel phenomenon according to Tibco Mashery. Group travel organized through social media websites is becoming more and more common. So is booking accommodations through classifieds like Airbnb. It has over 1.5 million listings in 34,000 cities and 190 countries. It will be easy to check your messages and confirm your itinerary with in-flight wireless Internet access.

Take your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and even portable gaming devices with you when you travel by air. All will be able to connect to the Internet with Gogo. If you don’t want to take your personal digital devices with you when you travel, airlines are providing newer, creative entertainment systems to replace them. Most are built right into the seats. This will be especially useful on long flights. The Panasonic Jazz Seat features a 13.3 inch touchscreen display, high-definition audio accessible through USB ports or headphone jacks and HDMI ports. Wireless charging and NFC are built into the seat as well.

In-flight wireless Internet won’t be cheap in the future, especially with providers like Gogo offering satellite based Internet. Gogo offers several passes for travelers including a one hour pass and a 24 hour pass. You can save 20% if you purchase a subscription plan. Pay as little as $5 for Internet access. A multi-airline subscription plan will cost $59.95 per month.

Your Next Flight Might Feature Better WiFi
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