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Instant Apps from Google

Instant Apps from Google

You may not have to download apps in the future. Instead, you’ll be able to run apps over the cloud. Google is starting this trend with Instant Apps. These apps are stored on Google’s servers, and users can run them on their mobile devices without installing them.

Businesses can take advantage of this by offering Google-hosted Instant Apps instead of developing their own app. It would save them money ($2 to $7 in marketing costs per download) and increase conversion rate (better user experience).

One example involves searching for a flight online. A potential customer will see a link for a travel company’s app. Upon clicking it, the user will get all the advantages of the app, without having to download it. This includes a more modern and intuitive interface.

Several companies have used Instant Apps including Periscope, Viki, BuzzFeed, and Wish.

Source: NetworkWorld

Instant Apps from Google
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