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Intercom Helps Monitor Advertising Targets

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Intercom Helps Monitor Advertising Targets

Right now, the traditional methods of gauging whether your latest individual email/messaging marketing campaign was successful is limited to counting the number of targets who actually opened the e-mail or message in question. What happens after they’ve opened it, after they’ve read it? Were they impressed enough to google your company name and visit your company website? Or did they chuck it into the spam bin because your message was simply too cheesy, too annoying?

Intercom is a company that’s dedicated to helping you in reaching your marketing goals and more importantly, help you monitor them—in real time. When an advertising or marketing campaign is started, there are always some goals that are set to be achieved. The question is, how far can you track your targets? At what point do you decide that the response your were trying to elicit from the user has been successfully brought out. Intercom helps with all of this.

The company has five different packages for interested companies, each dealing with a different stage of advertising. ‘Engage’ is the most exciting of the quintuple, with its recently released ‘Message Goals’ feature being the center of attention for both, the company and customers alike.

Tracking progress is rather simple using the platform. You draft your messages and select the users that you want to communicate the messages to. Then you select the variable that you need to be tracked. A piece of code suffices here for most cases although individual bits of data may also be used. Then it’s all up to Intercom to tabulate the progress and notify you on reaching milestones.

A simple scenario where Intercom would be really useful would be something like this: You are an e-shopping platform. You decide to re-engage with dormant users. Now without Intercom, you can track user progress as far as clicking on the links contained in your message and successfully navigating to your website. Intercom will give you additional details that you can count as crucial. Did the returning user make any purchases. Does one method A of marketing work better than method B if you compare the success and conversion rates?

Intercom definitely looks like one service that most budding marketers should know about. Now that YOU know about it, what is your opinion on the company?


Intercom Helps Monitor Advertising Targets

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