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INU is a Motorized Scooter with Smartphone Dock and Automatic Folding

INU is a Motorized Scooter with Smartphone Dock and Automatic Folding

Easily go from one place to another with INU – a motorized scooter for the 21st century. It is compatible with your smartphone, and it is conveniently charged with a home docking station. The scooter runs on a lithium-ion battery that only needs to be charged for one hour during normal operations. If the battery runs out, it will take three hours to recharge completely.

The main advantage of INU is that it can be folded. This reduces the space it takes up in the house or apartment. Plus, it can be taken anywhere you travel to by car. It only weighs 55 pounds. The scooter is strong enough to support 240 pounds, according to Mashable. The entry level model costs $3,000, and the premium version will cost $5,300. The premium version can travel 10 miles more than the entry level model.

Here are some of the specs:

  • Up to 15.5 mph
  • 25 mile range
  • Folding speed: 4 seconds
  • Brushless hub motor – 500 W or 750 W
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Mud guard
  • Alarm
  • Horn
  • Front and rear lights
  • Brakes and shock absorbers
  • Dedicated Android and iOS app

The INU motorized scooter comes with a one year warranty. If you lose your INU in a parking lot, use the ‘Find my INU’ feature, which utilizes the app-vehicle system. It will locate it relatively quickly. While driving the scooter, use the handlebar menu to access various features including texting messaging and camera. You can take a picture or record a movie while riding the scooter.

Battery powered scooters will most likely become the mode of transportation for many, especially in mega cities. The 200 million that currently ride scooters may soon decide to upgrade to electric scooters. With that many electric scooters on the road, a network of charging stations is close behind. Gogoro is a new company focusing on the electric scooter industry and has plans to build battery charging and swapping stations. According to, the battery pack and scooter developed by Gogoro will be in constant communication with a smartphone app. When the battery gets low, the smartphone app will find the closest charging station. It also provides usage data which will help the rider adjust their riding habits.

INU is a Motorized Scooter with Smartphone Dock and Automatic Folding
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