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IObit Applock 2.0 Uses Facial Recognition Technology

IObit Applock 2.0 Uses Facial Recognition Technology

Unlock your Android device by scanning your face with the IObit Applock app. It uses facial recognition technology to unlock SMS, Settings, Gallery, Contacts, Notification, and other apps. It takes less than a second to identify the face and it can distinguish between a real face and a photograph. A developer described the development process:

We have spent years in developing a series of new technologies to support the face recognition system on the phone, to make the entire model very compact and speed up the whole process.

-Carwin Chen

The marketing director offered some insight into the company’s approach:

There is no doubt we will embrace artificial intelligence in the coming future. Now we have applied facial recognition technology into Applock and users can experience the advanced technology in their daily life…We have been always focusing on offering the best product to our customers. We spent considerable time on making it better as we highly value ‘branding’ and ‘customer feedback.’ We hope to provide best user experiences to our app users as we take ‘user experience’ and ‘rate’ as our competitive advantages.

-Eunice Hu

There are two new covers: a Call Cover and a Crash Screen.

Source: PRNewswire

There’s new facial recognition technology applications at Japan’s CEATEC. According to Forbes, several automobile manufacturers are using facial recognition technology to improve safety. For example, there’s one application that detects sleepy drivers and alerts them with buzzers and vibrating seats.

IObit Applock 2.0 Uses Facial Recognition Technology
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