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More Iris Scanning in Singapore

More Iris Scanning in Singapore

The immigration department in Singapore will take iris scans of citizens and permanent residents. This is the latest amendment to the National Registration Act of 1965. Iris scans would be added as an additional identifier. SingPost employees are taking the role of registration officers to facilitate the collection of iris scans. The goal is to improve the security of Singapore.

Source: ZDNET

Here’s more info on iris scans from Wikipedia:

Iris recognition is an automated method of biometric identification that uses mathematical pattern-recognition techniques on video images of one or both of the irises of an individual’s eyes, whose complex patterns are unique, stable, and can be seen from some distance.

Retinal scanning is a different, ocular-based biometric technology that uses the unique patterns on a person’s retina blood vessels and is often confused with iris recognition. Iris recognition uses video camera technology with subtle near infrared illumination to acquire images of the detail-rich, intricate structures of the iris which are visible externally. Digital templates encoded from these patterns by mathematical and statistical algorithms allow the identification of an individual or someone pretending to be that individual. Databases of enrolled templates are searched by matcher engines at speeds measured in the millions of templates per second per (single-core) CPU, and with remarkably low false match rates.

More Iris Scanning in Singapore
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