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Launch a Drone While Driving With No Hands

Launch a Drone While Driving With No Hands

At the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, there will be a car that can drive on its own and launch an unmanned aerial vehicle. It is called Sigma tos or Etos. This is a driverless car designed by Rinspeed. It features a landing pad which the drone can take off and land on. This would be useful when you forget something at home. The drone could be sent to pick it up and bring it to you on the road. According to Fox News, this car will feature an entertainment system that responds to commands and anticipates your needs.

Rinspeed is a creative think tank and mobility lab for the automotive industry. The company was founded in 1977 and began by converting cars for handicapped drivers. It moved on to designing creative alternatives to popular car models. Several car brands were incorporated into the designs created by Rinspeed including the Porsche 911, Mercedes-Benz AMG, VW Golf, Nissan, and Bugatti Cyan. Several innovations were introduced by Ringspeed including Poly Ellipsoide (PES) projector headlights and the first on market headlight grill with rectangular lights. The gull-wing doors on the Rinspeed Aliporta, which was a modified VW Golf, attracted the attention of the entire auto industry in 1981.

Rinspeed is also known for the world record it holds. In 2006, the Rinspeed Splash crossed the English Channel in 193 minutes and 47 seconds, according to Jalopnik. The Splash should have made the trip between Dover and Sangatte in under half an hour. It featured a 140 bhp, 750 ccm Weber Motor engine that can propel the hydrofoil up to 50 mph. The two-cylinder engine produced 7,000 rpm, according to the Auto Channel.
But the driver took it slow to avoid hard waves and potential encounters with other vessels on the channel including freighters and supertankers.

Rinspeed claims to have invented or provided the inspiration for several automotive innovations and trends including:

  • Turbocharger
  • Steering wheel with integrated controls
  • Mobile office
  • Play-Boxx rear seat entertainment
  • HMI driver assistant system
  • Green sustainable trend
  • Lighter weight and smaller vehicle trend
  • Promoting connectivity
  • Promoting expandable and modular mobility

See what the drone-driverless combo vehicle from Rinspeed has to offer in Las Vegas. The Consumer Electronics Show takes place January 6 to January 9.

Launch a Drone While Driving With No Hands
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