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LiFi-X Is an Internet Connection Made of Light

LiFi-X Is an Internet Connection Made of Light

PureLiFi is a company that invented a light-based Internet system. It’s called LiFi-X. It utilizes a LED light fixture and a dongle that connects to a computer via a USB port. It delivers download and upload speeds up to 42Mbps.

PureLiFi worked with several companies while developing this new type of Internet connectivity including Cisco, Babcock, and British Telecom. The biggest advantage of LiFi is security. The COO of PureLiFi explains further:

We work with a lot of companies where security is high on their agenda; for the enterprise, bandwidth is a big thing, but also location for retail and financial services.

-Harald Burchardt

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Network access can be confined more easily in a LiFi system than WiFi.

PureLiFi expects to reach speeds of 80 to 100 Mbps soon. Within three years, the company may offer 1 Gbps Internet connectivity.

Another goal of PureLiFi is smartphone integration. They are working on minaturizing the optical receiver so that it can be installed in smartphones. Burchardt explains further:

We are already in discussions with a number of manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, and laptops and the goal is to get to that stage where we’re developing chips that will go into the device. Our long-term goal is component supply for OEMs.

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LiFi may be added to the next iPhone.

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LiFi-X Is an Internet Connection Made of Light
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