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Make Money with Instagram Photo Magazines

Make Money with Instagram Photo Magazines

It’s now possible to monetize Instagram photos with print magazines. Users can invite followers to subscribe to their magazine. They can also add a link to their social media or web pages. This is the latest tool for individual publishers that want their own magazine. It’s now possible to create a publication with Instagram and distribute to thousands of people. Here’s the perspective from a publisher:

At Recently, we believe in the power of print to augment and accentuate digital creativity. Traditionally, this level of quality publication was only available through large scale publishing processes, now anyone can create beautiful magazines, helping to differentiate themselves in an increasingly ephemeral online world.

– Recently co-founder, Scott Valins

Source: Digital Trends

Recently is one of the first to offer The Public Followers program. Users are given a custom link to publish. To apply, visit the website and fill out the form. You will need an email and Instagram account.

Make Money with Instagram Photo Magazines
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