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Microsoft Updates OneNote for iOS and Android

Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft Updates OneNote for iOS and Android

Microsoft updated the OneNote app for iOS and Android. The iOS version is now a single app that is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. iPad users can open the OneNote app from the Notifications panel and view Recent Notes just like iPhone users can. Another feature iPad users can now access is the Page Previews, which is optimized for the landscape mode. The update also addresses issues that affected the document/whiteboard camera.

The Android app is now more convenient, thanks to the improved copy and paste function. Now, users can tap and hold the screen to select the item to be copied or moved and then select the destination. Notes in Quick Note can now be moved to Notebook. Another upgrade to the Android version of OneNote is the improved shortcut feature. Now users can make shortcuts for pages and pin them directly to the home screen.


Microsoft OneNote was designed to be an information gathering tool and a multi-user collaboration tool. Users can type notes, make drawings, capture images, and store audio recordings. These notes can be shared with other OneNote users online.

The current version has several features including:

  • Auto-cropping and photo enhancements for images
  • Annotations for images
  • Article clipping via iOS share extension
  • PowerPoint and PDF compatibility
  • To-do lists
  • Several formatting options including bold, italicize, underline, and highlight
  • Multiple organization tools including notebooks, sections, and tags
  • The ability to rename files easily
  • An accurate search function that lets you find anything
  • Convenient home screen widget that lets you create notes without opening the app
  • Password protected notes with touch ID
  • The ability to share notes to collaborate and plan events
  • Cloud Syncing with OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint
  • The ability to retrieve notes created on SharePoint online sites with your mobile device

Microsoft OneNote is available as a free app for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Windows RT, and Windows Phone, There is a web-based version that lets users edit notes via a web browser. It is part of OneDrive and Office Online.

Microsoft Updates OneNote for iOS and Android
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