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Movebubble Features Personalized Rental Listings

Movebubble Features Personalized Rental Listings

Browse through rental listings and schedule a viewing with Movebubble. This app removes any listings that become occupied and according to Tech Crunch, this app analyzes the user’s behavior to ensure that each listing matches their tastes and needs. This would include search history.

Movebubble claims to save renters 20 hours of rental research time when they use their platform to find rental properties. It will send instant notifications when new properties are available. You can also share your viewing experience with other renters.

The app was recently updated with separate screens for old property listings and upcoming viewings. A new navigation bar was added as well. Movebubble is compatible with your phone’s calendar. Easily add viewings to it and receive directions to the property location with just a tap. You can also place calls directly from the viewings menu. This is useful when you need to contact the agent.

Movebubble is focused on the British real estate market. There, the app would act as an agent working on behalf of the renter. Currently, 1,500 renters have signed up for the app. When you use the app to find and visit a property, Movebubble would send a questionnaire afterward asking how the visit went. This maintains the traditional renter-agent relationship, where the renter seeks to find out what they could do better to rent the property out. The agent, which Movebubble acts as, will gather information from you to make better property recommendations and also direct the right type of renter to each property. This is a new way to find and visit rental properties. Soon, Movebubble will let users rent property instantly from the app. All you need to do is add your payment details, and you can rent a place instantly.

Movebubble made an appearance at Disrupt London 2015. There, the company answered a few questions from a Tech Crunch reporter regarding this rental app. One interesting question focused on how Movebubble would compete with similar real estate apps. Movebubble has partnerships with several employers in London and their employees are being offered the Movebubble platform as a means to find rental properties. Plus, the company is focusing on matching the right type of listing with the right type of renter.

Movebubble Features Personalized Rental Listings
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