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Kit is Another Social Shopping Website

Kit is Another Social Shopping Website

Kit is a new company that focuses on finding things that are worth buying. It is the latest idea from Expa, a startup studio that makes companies. A quick look at the website reveals trending kits. Most are electronics and fitness related products. Travel and music are two other categories that are readily available on Kit. There are several people on Kit, one of which is Claire Marshall. You can follower her and buy the products she lists. Claire sells 6 kits including a vlog kit, hair products, eyeshadow palettes, morning skincare, hair tools, and evening skincare. Most of the products listed on Claire’s page are sold by Amazon. If you want to share any of the products, there are Facebook and Twitter links for each item. You can also mention her in a post using her ‘at reply’, which is @heyclaire. This isn’t her Twitter account though. It’s actually the same handle as her Instagram account, which is kinda weird. Twitter is known for ‘at replies’, which is @ followed by the username, but apparently it’s used on several social media websites. A Twitter link is also listed on her page.

This might be just another website you create an account for but never really use. It would be a great tool for affiliate marketers though. They could post products and start discussions about them on Kit, with the hope of attracting a few clicks from potential customers. But according to Tech Crunch, Kits can only feature products that the user has owned and used before.

I might use this website to sell a book I have on Amazon. My Kit would be called Entertaining Kindle eBooks. It’s unlikely Kit will become a successful website anytime soon. Until it does, you can find my book here: The Entrepreneurial Tipping Point

Here’s a list of social shopping websites. Pinterest is the most popular one, even though it didn’t start out as a social shopping website. Fancy is a website that features gadgets and novelty items, as well as fashion. One more to check out is Fab, which has discounted items in several categories. Kit might join this list of successful social shopping websites if it gains enough users.

Kit is Another Social Shopping Website
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