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Olly is a Voice-Controlled Robot Assistant

Olly is a Voice-Controlled Robot Assistant

Olly is a digital assistant similar to Amazon’s Echo. It looks like a lamp shade and features an eye. It will look up information about various things including the weather. Olly will also wake you up in the morning. As a central home hub, Olly can be used to control other devices including smart lights and wireless speakers. Next, Philips Hue, Fitbit, and Spotify are compatible with Olly, according to TechCrunch.

Olly is a learning digital assistant that will anticipate your needs. Olly will quickly learn your routine, but it depends on how often you do something. A weekly activity might not be recognized by Olly right away, but a daily routine would. An example to illustrate this was reported by TechCrunch. Olly will automatically play music you like when you enter the home. Daily routines that are recognized by Olly include things like waking up in the morning or working out.

Unlike other digital assistants, Olly changes its personality based on what you do. It will begin to make recommendations based on your lifestyle. It may also change your schedule. Suggesting better times to jog or read are two examples given by TechCrunch. Another lifelike quality Olly is programmed with involves the stance of the device. Olly will physically turn to face the person it is speaking to. It can identify the owner of the device, but won’t be able to distinguish guests. The owner can introduce the guest to Olly just like he or she would introduce friends to another person. Olly will record the name and take a photo of the guest.

Olly is equipped with sensitive microphones to detect voice commands amid all the noise in the room. Olly constantly listens to voice trigger commands. These prompt Olly to send recorded speech to a cloud platform for processing. It also has a camera to detect faces. Olly relies on computer-vision powered image processing to recognize who it is looking at and respond accordingly. To do this, Olly takes a picture and uploads it to the cloud. Audio data can be deleted by the user at a later time with an app.

Olly has an Android-based operating system. It is considered a social robot. Emotech, the company that made Olly, expects another year and a half of development before it is ready for sale. It will need crowdfunding support to get Olly to market. Currently, Emotech has raised $753,000 through angel funding. The company is looking to raise another $100,000 in its next round of crowdfunding.

Olly is a Voice-Controlled Robot Assistant
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