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Photo Filter App Prisma is Now on Android

Photo Filter App Prisma is Now on Android

Prisma is a popular photo manipulation app. It was originally on iPhone, but now it’s available on Android devices. According to The Verge, over 400 million pictures have been ‘prismed’ with the app. The process involves rebuilding the picture with other images. The new images take the style of another image. It’s similar to filters such as retro or vintage. The app has over 10.6 million installs on iOS.

The concept of copying a certain type of look and replicating it over and over again is seen in several industries, not just photography. The movie industry makes different categories of movies with different themes. The theme can be visual and include things like color palate and camera angles. The theme can have audio components that alter the type of movie that it is. Calm versus intense sounds can be the difference between a horror movie and a comedy.

Planned societies have problems with copying as well. Architectures and building designs of a certain style can be replicated in several places. A city in America might look like a city in China or vice versa if the city is built exactly the same in either place. The problem might be serious if neighboring cities or towns are built exactly the same. If you happened to get dropped off in one of these cities, you might think you are in the other one. Houses that are built identically and have identically stuff in it will confuse people as well. Especially if you are invited into one of these houses and forget that you live in the house across the street.

Copying affects people as well. An identical copy of a person will confuse the people around them, or they won’t even realize that there’s a copy in their midst. The employment, recruiting, and education industries may have to deal with this issue. There’s far-reaching consequences to mankind if copies become the norm.

Photo Filter App Prisma is Now on Android
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