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A Plane Was Delayed When a Galaxy Note 7 was Detected

A Plane Was Delayed When a Galaxy Note 7 was Detected

The Galaxy Note 7 is essentially banned from planes, so when a flight attendant noticed that one was onboard, he immediately tried to locate it. The device appeared on a WiFi hotspot detector with the label ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 7.’ The device was eventually located, but it wasn’t a Note 7. The device used the name of the exploding Galaxy phone instead. The confusion was resolved and the plane continued on its flight.

Source: Gizmodo

The Note 7 was discontinued by Samsung after several of these devices exploded. Here’s an overview of the recall from Wikipedia:

In response to these incidents involving replacement phones, the United States’ five major wireless carriers (AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile US on 9 October, along with Sprint Corporation, Verizon Wireless, and U.S. Cellular on 10 October) subsequently announced that they would suspend sales of the Galaxy Note 7 until further notice, pending an investigation.

On 10 October 2016, Samsung officially announced that it had “[asked] all carrier and retail partners globally to stop sales and exchanges” of the Galaxy Note 7, and urged all owners to power them off and “take advantage of the remedies available, including a refund at their place of purchase”. On 11 October 2016, Samsung announced that it would permanently end production of the Galaxy Note 7 in the interest of customer safety. Samsung began issuing special kits to package the devices for returns; they consist of an antistatic bag that the phone is to be inserted into, and three layers of boxes—the last of which is lined with ceramic fibre paper for fire protection. The shipping box also contains instructions explicitly stating that they are not to be shipped by air. Samsung stated to Vice’s Motherboard that it would not repair or refurbish any of the returned phones, and that the company would “safely dispose” of them.

A Plane Was Delayed When a Galaxy Note 7 was Detected
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