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More Quantum Computing from IBM

More Quantum Computing from IBM

IBM is expanding their quantum computing efforts. They are adding new APIs and an SDK that lets users access their cloud and python programming language. It’s a five qubit system. Developers can build new quantum programs that weren’t feasible before. IBM calls their quantum initiative the Quantum Experience, and it was introduced in May 2016. The goal is to take advantage of superposition and entanglement so that computer processing is increased exponentially. So far, IBM’s five qubit system was used by 40,000 users. They conducted a total of 275,000 experiments.

The old drag and drop interface is slowly being replaced with a new interface that makes it more practical to write algorithms. This is expected to lead to concrete uses in various industries.

The CTO and VP of Quantum Computing at IBM explains further:

Now you can take a Software Development Kit (SDK) and write in Python a program that makes calls to the quantum system. So the quantum steps will run on a quantum system with classical computing code running on the regular system.

The Quantum Experience has been running continuously since May (2016). That’s a non-trivial feat, we’re not just demonstrating a quantum computer once in a lab, this is actually running a live service.

-Scott Crowder

Source: eWeek

More Quantum Computing from IBM
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