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Remotely Powered Driving Over 5G Network

Remotely Powered Driving Over 5G Network

Telefonica and Ericsson have an impressive 5G network. You can remotely drive a car that is 40 miles away on their network. Engineers demonstrated the feat at the Idiada test track in Tarragona, Spain. They used a 5G network, 15GHz high-frequency spectrum, 4K video stream, haptic steering wheel, and tons of sensors to remotely operate the car from Barcelona, which is 40 miles away from Tarragona.

The driver sat behind a 3D driving simulator which was designed by the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology. The accuracy of the remotely controlled driving is dependent on latency, which is less than two milliseconds.

Source: ZDNET

Remote controlled cars are cool. So are space probes and submarines. Here’s some interesting info from Wikipedia:

Remote control vehicles have various scientific uses including hazardous environments, working in the deep ocean, and space exploration…

The majority of the probes to the other planets in our solar system have been remote control vehicles, although some of the more recent ones were partially autonomous. The sophistication of these devices has fueled greater debate on the need for manned spaceflight and exploration. The Voyager I spacecraft is the first craft of any kind to leave the solar system. The martian explorers Spirit and Opportunity have provided continuous data about the surface of Mars since January 3, 2004…

Jason is the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s deep water explorer and can withstand depths of up to 6,500 feet. The Scorpio ROV is a British submersible that rescued the crew of the Russian AS-28 on August 7, 2005.

Remotely Powered Driving Over 5G Network
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