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Shipster Launches In San Francisco After Rocking New York

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Shipster Launches In San Francisco After Rocking New York

Shipping is a tedious matter these days and as such it’s a market full of potential. There is no surprise then, that the shipping sector has no dearth of ambitious start-ups who have found a foothold in an increasingly competitive market, giving courier services like DHL and UPS a run for their money.

Shipster is on of those startups. In fact, it’s the poster boy of shipping startups. After being launched to great success in the Big Apple, Shipster is launching in San Francisco today. The company basically revolves around the idea of reducing the time overheads that come associated with traditional means of shipping. While they may not be as important to consumers, business are planets in a solar system where shipping is the Sun. This is exactly what Shipster’s target market is: business companies.

Shipster is already shipping 11000 packages a month for a wide variety of business customers which include tech startups and high-end, designer clothing companies. The company claims that it will pick up any thing that needs to be shipped, be it a small document or your dining table, within 20 minutes. It has arrangements with all major shipping companies like Fed Ex  and UPS and a team of contractor agents on bikes, cars, pickup vans, in order to cater for the variety of items they ship.

What set Shipster apart is its smart routing algorithm which helps it decide what the fastest means of shipping an item is, given its type, size, and destination. Their smartphone app provides features like tracking the location and status of your packages.

The company is not alone in this market though. There are competitors. Shyp and Dropoff are some of the more noteworthy ones having recently secured fairly generous amounts of funding. Shipster founder, Christian Viczaino isn’t concerned though, instead he’s concentrating on his dream: to make Shipster the fastest shipping company in the world.

Shipster Launches In San Francisco After Rocking New York

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