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Shotput is Y-Combinator’s Most Promising Logistics Startup

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Shotput is Y-Combinator’s Most Promising Logistics Startup

A common complaint with most hardware-based startups is the amount of hassle that shipping and logistics cause and how neglecting them ultimately leads to the company’s downfall. Two students from the Northeastern University set out to tackle the challenge that shipping is and turn it into an effectively utilized tool that places users a cut above the rest. Their efforts manifested in the form of Shotput, a complete shipping system for startups.

Shotput does just about everything for you, from negotiating freight rates to tackling warehousing, so that you don’t need to constantly worry about outsourcing this type of work to a 3rd-party where you’re likely to be charged exorbitant rates and bound to a single provider with a lengthy contract.

Shotput promises some savings by virtue of large volumes of shipments on the basis of which it will negotiate prices. As a result it will have far more leverage than your typical small business could manage during negotiations. Still, it’s chase for an economical solution doesn’t mean Shotput will skimp on the cost and this is exactly why Shotput will never be your cheapest option. The ‘Warehouse Equation’ that the company has developed illustrates everything you lose out on once you start pushing for lower prices beyond a certain level. Their Warehouse API delivers instant pricing for customers once they key in their requirements. The prices are being synced in real-time.

Also, you’re limited to storage only when it comes to warehouses. If you business model requires items to be assembled in warehouses then it’s not something Shotput accommodates.

It’s greatest strength and attraction for customers is the amount of scalability it offers. You start using with Shotput when your company is still in infancy and Shotput scales its service as your business grows. No headaches about being bound to rigid, lengthy contracts. Shotput claims a company just needs 24 minutes to register with Shotput and start using their service.

Shotput’s Warehouse API offers it a great advantage over other players in this market. Competition is fierce though, despite the low number of competitors so it remains to be seen whether Shotput will be up to the challenge. In the meantime, drop us your opinions by commenting below!

Shotput is Y-Combinator’s Most Promising Logistics Startup

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