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Auto-focusing Glasses with Liquid Lenses

Auto-focusing Glasses with Liquid Lenses

Carlos Mastrangelo, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Utah, and Nazmul Hasan, a doctoral student, invented a pair of auto-focusing glasses that automatically changes the focal length. It utilizes liquid lenses, a distance sensor, and actuators that reshape the curvature of the lens. The curvature can be altered in 14 milliseconds. This allows the wearer to see close and far objects. There’s a battery in the frame that lasts 24 hours. Mastrangelo said this about his invention:

Our smart autofocus eyeglasses can compensate for the focusing loss of the eye so most aging individuals afflicted with far or near sightedness wearing these sets can see sharp images all the time. They are worth the price.

This auto-focusing glasses is expected to cost $500 to $1,000. A second-generation version may feature eye tracking and a depth camera.

Mastrangelo suffers from an eye condition called presbyopia, which forces him to take off his glasses several times a day to see close objects. This prompted him to develop a new pair of glasses that can account for this problem.

Source: The Verge

Image Credit: Dan Hixson – University of Utah College of Engineering

Auto-focusing Glasses with Liquid Lenses
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