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Startup Zipdrug Delivers Prescription Drugs On Demand

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Startup Zipdrug Delivers Prescription Drugs On Demand

On-demand startups are all the rage these days, and the decidedly fragile business model of the on-demand industry has done nothing to deter further such startups from springing up. Zipdrug is the latest addition to the on-demand service companies list.

The company aspires to relieve you of the long waiting times in the queue at your local pharmacy, instead allowing you to order prescription meds from the comfort of your couch. Instead of directly selling drugs, the company has organized a fleet of highly trained couriers to do the dirty work for you. In this case, the dirty work is fetching your meds from the pharmacy of your choice. Each member of the courier squad undergoes a stringent screening process, which includes detailed background checks, drug-screening and health insurance courses. Only then are they accepted in to the fleet.

Dealing in prescription drugs is still a serious matter though and companies in this line of business need to be extra careful about their operations. As a result here is sa short list of substances that Zipdrug does not want anything to do with, including pain killers, medicines for seizures and ADHD stimulants.

When you run the Zipdrug app for the first time, it asks you about the pharmacy that your doctor sends your prescriptions to and also payment and insurance information. Messengers from the ‘fleet’ that we discussed above are then sent to retrieve your meds. Zipdrug only charges you for the cos of the medicine and a $10 delivery fee. Zipdrug pays the pharmacy so you don’t have to worry about any hidden card charges or stuff like that which, believe me, relieves you of  loads of headaches.

The manner in which Zipdrug operates means that you’re not totally alienated from the pharmacy of your choice.

While there are several other companies which provide a similar service, Zipdrug is the first to embrace the allegedly fragile on-demand service model that Uber has made so popular. The service is currently limited to New York and the app is only available on the iOS platform.


Startup Zipdrug Delivers Prescription Drugs On Demand

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