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Uber Self-Driving Cars in Pittsburgh

Uber Self-Driving Cars in Pittsburgh

Uber is planning to use self-driving cars in Pittsburgh. They are using a modified Volvo XC90. To ensure nothing goes wrong, a driver will be in the car. A second Uber employee will be in the passenger seat recording data. The driver will take over when the car approaches a bridge; bridges are too difficult for the driverless software to process. The car relies on buildings, street signs, and trees to navigate from point A to point B. The ride will be free. Users can’t request a driverless car; it is assigned randomly as customers request a ride.

40 researchers from Carnegie Mellon developed the autonomous driving system. They worked in the robotics center. The car has cameras on the inside and outside of the car.

Uber isn’t the only ride-sharing service offering driverless rides. Lyft plans to have driverless cars on the road by 2017.

Source: Popular Science

The Volvo XC90 looks nice. There are four versions – two 250 HP models, a 316 HP model, and a 400 HP plug-in hybrid. The higher horsepower models seat seven passengers, while the 250 HP models seat five passengers.

Riding in a car without a driver will be cool. Imagine an autonomous car picking you up. When you get inside, there won’t be anyone there. A recorded voice will great you and ask where you would like to go. Provide the destination, and the car will take you there. An entire fleet of driverless cars would make a city futuristic. People can order one with a smartphone and be on their way. It’s stress-free and removes human-error out of navigating. A driverless car may be less likely to get lost than a human driver.

Uber Self-Driving Cars in Pittsburgh
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