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Verizon Fios App with Unlimited Data

Verizon Fios App with Unlimited Data

There’s no restrictions on Fios apps unless customers have an unlimited plan. Customers can stream as much content as they want with the Fios Mobile App if they don’t have an unlimited data plan. If they do, the connection is slowed after the 22 GB is used each month. Verizon offers 140 live channels on the app. Customers can also watch DVR shows and movies and On-demand channels.

The Verizon Go90 mobile app also has no limits.

Source: PC Magazine

This is a great example of an app that has a lot of benefits. Most apps focus on one type of function, and the savvy smartphone user may decide to use the browser instead. Afterall, everything is accessible through the browser. But apps are better, since they offer something different.

Here’s a list of things a mobile web browser can do that individual apps mimic:

  • Check email
  • Check news
  • Watch videos
  • Listen to music
  • Do math calculations
  • Search Internet
Verizon Fios App with Unlimited Data
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