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Victor Is Working Hard To Bring You Cheap And Transparent Jet Chartering

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Victor Is Working Hard To Bring You Cheap And Transparent Jet Chartering

Chartering private jets is becoming more common each passing day and let’s face it, not a day passes without us plebeians wondering when we’ll be able to charter our own jet. As of today, the task remains seriously convoluted despite the best efforts of startups like BlackJet, which tried to set up an Uber-like on-demand chartering service.

Victor is one of the startups which, unlike most others, met with considerable success. The credit for that goes to it’s rather unique yet convincing business plan. The platform is such that there is no interface or middlemen present between customers and those who own private jet fleets ensuring that the dealings are direct. Such a system is a first in the private jet world and it’s catching the eye of people around the world quite fast.

For an on-demand chartering service, this is quite a slick move. Eliminating any kind of hidden costs and enhancing transparency is a surefire way of increasing both the numbers and the loyalty of customers, especially if it’s in an industry as clogged as the airline/jet chartering one. As the sole such service, it’s no surprise that Victor is claiming to have a growth of 300% per year. Apps on popular platforms like iOS have only served to help its cause.

The company currently has access to around 40,000 airports around the world along with more than 7,000 private jets. The app and website provide on-the-spot estimate once you input your location and destination based on aircraft type and category.

Victor has had great luck with funding as well, gathering almost $13million this year alone. The money will obviously go in polishing the naturally complex platform. The company also acquired popular private jet charter service provider YoungJets, with its elite-level clientele. The deal saw the owner of YoungJets become the senior U.S. vice president of Victor.

While Victor is no Uber-for-jet-chartering, it has rocked the jet chartering world in its own way. What do you think about Victor? Let us know via the comments!

Victor Is Working Hard To Bring You Cheap And Transparent Jet Chartering

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