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Yahoo Releases LiveText – A Texting App That Displays Body Language

Yahoo Releases LiveText – A Texting App That Displays Body Language

If receiving text messages with stupid comments wasn’t bad enough, now it will accompany a live video of the person. The person could be standing still, but the app is designed to send lively videos. So, you will see the person’s body movements and facial expressions, but there won’t be any audio. For example, if you text a funny joke, and the person finds it funny, then the person will laugh, but you won’t hear the person laugh. You will see the person laugh on screen. This isn’t good.

The new app from Yahoo is called LiveText. It’s available for Android devices and iOS. In an interview with The Washington Post, Yahoo’s senior vice president of video, design and emerging products Adam Cahan said LiveText is meant for situations where you don’t want to talk, but want to show off your surroundings. It is ideal at work, standing in-line somewhere, or walking through a crowded place.

This sounds like a good idea if the person you are texting is in an interesting place – like an exclusive club or an exotic vacation destination. The experience would be like a guided tour, which is watchable.

If the person you are texting isn’t showing off their surroundings, you’ll most likely see the person’s blank stare. With auto laser focus and 15 megapixel cameras, you’ll see every pore and oddly shaped feature. If it’s a hot chick on the other end of the phone, then it won’t be so bad – until she tries to open a jar of pickles and shows strained and convulsing expressions.

The conversation might get a little bit more interesting afterward. Maybe she licks her lip and displays some more interesting body language. Maybe a striptease follows later in the evening. This app might be useful afterall.

A more constructive application of LiveText would be showing differences. If the person works at an electronics store, the person could show the difference between a microSD card and a SDHC card, or the difference between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5.

Yahoo Releases LiveText – A Texting App That Displays Body Language
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